How to Set Up the Adventure Works 2014 Warehouse in Azure SQL Database

AdventureWorks is probably the most famous and openly available dataset any SQL-DBA can think of. For a machine learning experiment (in AzureML) I wanted to make use of that dataset - best to have it uploaded in an Azure SQL Database.

If you only want to use the AdventureWorks Lightweight database, this is easily done using the new Azure portal thanks to its integration:
However, if you want to use other versions of the AdventureWorks dataset (like here in this case, i.e. AdventureWorks 2014 Warehouse), these are the steps to follow:

1. Have SQL Server 2014 installed - either local or in a SQL Server VM in Azure

To spare my laptop from more and more programs, I decided to set up my SQL VM - a VM provided in the Azure portal that already has SQL Server 2014 Enterprise installed on Windows Server 2012 R2:

When creating my VM, I left the defaults as provided:

Once the VM is created, connect to it (for instance using the Remote Desktop Connection Manager):

When clicking on the start button, click on the arrow down to select the SQL Server 2014 Management Studio from the list of apps (since it is already convienently installed :) ):

2. Download Adventure Works 2014 Dataset

Download the zip-file Adventure Works 2014 Warehouse from the AdventureWorks CodePlex site and extract it.

3. Build Adventure Works 2014 Warehouse Locally

Open instawdbdw.sql in the extracted zip-file in SQL Server Management Studio.
Before you execute the SQL-file, change the directories accordingly:

  • SqlSamplesDatabasePath: path where you want to build your databases
  • SqlSamplesSourceDataPath: path of the extracted zip-file

Activate cmd-mode (otherwise running the script will result in errors):

And off you go - execute!

4. Deploy to Azure

Before you deploy the newly created database AdventureWorksDW2014 to Azure, you first need to create an Azure SQL Database:

In the meantime, going back to SQL Server Management Studio, right click on the database AdventureWorksDW2014, then Tasks and then click on Deploy Database to Windows Azure SQL Database...:

This will guide you through a wizard:

Obviously, you need to specify which Azure SQL Database to deploy to; thus creating a SQL DB at the beginning of section 4. In this case, I created a SQL server in Azure called

Paste the server name into the pop-up windows and enter your credentials to connect to your newly create Azure SQL Server and then on Next:

Finally, as with every wizard, you are faced with a summary of the specified settings, which all looks fine:

The deployment may take a few minutes:

And yes - in the Management Studio, you can see all tables and views uploaded in the SQL Azure Database AdventureWorksDW2014, including the view dbo.vTargetMail which I want to use in later ML experiments but which is not included in the lightweight version of AdventureWorks.

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