Surviving the Titanic - Machine Learning in Azure (SQLSaturday & DWX 2015)

In June, I gave an overview on Machine Learning as well as Azure Machine Learning at SQLSaturday Rheinland and at Developer Week 2015. Here, I used an experiment that is for starters easy to understand and secondly easily reproducible by anyone - even by those who have no experience with Machine Learning or don't have an Azure subscription. Wait what? Yes, anyone can try out AzureML without an Azure subscription - all you need is a Live ID (i.e. an email address like, or similar) to obtain your free workspace or you can opt for an anonymous guest access.

But now to the experiment for anyone to try: Would you have survived if you were one of the many passengers on the Titanic? I highly encourage you to try out yourself: the experiment along with some documentation can be found here. The dataset comes from Kaggle - a platform for data scientists worldwide to compete against each other on provided datasets. The Titanic experiment is a nice entry point into the world of machine learning since it is the simplest of Machine Learning problems: binary classification.

Below you will find the slides to my sessions:

SQLSaturday Rheinland (English)

Would I have survived the Titanic? Machine Learning in Microsoft Azure from Olivia Klose

Developer Week 2015 (German)

Developer Week 2015: Azure Machine Learning from Olivia Klose

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