Machine Learning (11) - Machine Learning Algorithms: Explained!

This is part of the Machine Learning series. One question that always pops up in any machine learning problem: Which algorithm should I use? What do »

Machine Learning Series

Overview of all blog posts in the machine learning series: Was ist das, was ist das nicht und wann ist das gut? Supervised versus Unsupervised Learning »

Machine Learning (6) - Binary Classification: Flight Delays, Surviving the Titanic and Targeted Marketing

This is part of the Machine Learning series. Binary classification is the simplest kind of machine learning problem. The goal of binary classification is to categorise »

What does Bob really want? Recommenders in Azure (NoSQL Usergroup Cologne)

On July 1st 2015 I visited the NoSQL Usergroup in Cologne to give a session on how to build recommendation systems in Azure. I went through »

Surviving the Titanic - Machine Learning in Azure (SQLSaturday & DWX 2015)

In June, I gave an overview on Machine Learning as well as Azure Machine Learning at SQLSaturday Rheinland and at Developer Week 2015. Here, I used »