What does Bob really want? Recommenders in Azure (NoSQL Usergroup Cologne)

On July 1st 2015 I visited the NoSQL Usergroup in Cologne to give a session on how to build recommendation systems in Azure.

I went through various demos highlighting the three types of recommender engines (collaborative filtering, content-based filtering and hybrid recommender):

  • The simplest of Machine Learning problems: using binary classification for targeted marketing, i.e. which customers is it worth to send a marketing mail?
  • Create association rules using R in RStudio and then integrate in AzureML
  • MatchBox Recommender already included in AzureML
  • Frequently Bought Together plugin from the Azure Marketplace

The first three experiments then can easily be deployed as a web service within seconds/minutes.

The accompanying slide deck is the following one:

What does Bob really want? Recommenders in the Cloud from Olivia Klose

Last but not least: Special thanks to my colleague Alexei Khalyako who provided the basis for this session. And thanks to the NoSQL Usergroup in Cologne for hosting me! :)

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